University of Banking - Kharkiv Institute

Pobedy avenue 55, Kharkiv, Ukraine

The department of accounting and audit established at September 1st, 2007. The purpose of the department is to provide students with quality training in specified direction and in-depth study with synthesis of theoretical principles of accounting, analysis, auditing and business taxation. Our training program is aimed to teach key skills and provided mastering the techniques of financial and economic analysis, strategic analysis and control.
Training Masters has two master programs: “Accounting and audit in banks” and “Accounting and audit in Business Administration”



Bachelor courses:

  • Investment Projects Analysis
  • Business Activity Analysis
  • Analysis of modeling and risk management
  • Auditing
  • Accounting
  • Government Financial Oversight
  • Economic analysis
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Investment analysis
  • Accounting in Budget-funded Entities
  • Accounting in Banks
  • Accounting in Economic Sectors
  • Transaction Accounting of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Accounting and auditing in banks
  • Accounting and reporting in taxation
  • Corporate Accounting Policy
  • Project Analysis
  • Taxation System
  • Riskology
  • Accounting Forensic examination
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial accounting in banks
  • Financial Accounting part I
  • Financial Accounting part II

Master Courses:

  • Crisis regulation of economic agents
  • Accounting in business management
  • Innovative technologies (training)
  • Informational and analytical software of economic security (Analysts’ technology on issues of financial and economic security)
  • Entrepreneurship Control (The financial and economic control; Internal audit)
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Risk management in economic security
  • Research and teaching training
  • Entrepreneurship accounting and reporting (Arrangement and reporting methods under the national standards, Accounting and financial reporting under the international standards)
  • Accounting and analytical support of enterprise economic security (Economic risks and methods of their assessment, Principles of accounting, analysis and auditing of businesses, Accounting and analytical support of economic security system)
  • Accounting Arrangement
  • Audit Organization and Methods
  • Accounting Arrangement and reporting in banks (Bank accounting Arrangement; Reporting in Banks)
  • Tax Management
  • Tax accounting in banks
  • Strategic Analysis
  • System analysis in Economics
  • Management information systems in accounting, analysis and audit