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The contest “Best in Profession” specialty “Accounting and Auditing”


The contest “Best in Profession” specialty “Accounting and Auditing”

April 28, 2016 as part of Science Week institute graduating chair of accounting and audit was conducted competition “Best in Profession” specialty “Accounting and Auditing” educational qualification of “Master” (responsible for organizing and conducting, Ph.D., Assoc. Piskunov RA, Ph.D., Assoc. V. Malakhov), which was attended Master’s students from original works. To the west were also involved students accountants oz. OA-36 and OA-45 and invited as spectators, students and Kharkov technical colleges.

At the beginning of the competition Dean of the Faculty of Economics Podchesova Valery Y. greeted students and guests and presented certificates and diplomas to the winners of scientific activities Week of Science, conducted the Department of Accounting and Auditing from 18.04 to 04.27.2016 p. Podchesova VU Masters teams wished success and victory in the competition “Best in Profession” as the final event of the Week of Science.

The competition was attended by 2 teams, who provided a presentation strategies of selected companies, banking institutions, with the financial and economic analysis of their activities using modern methods and models.

The jury consisted of leading experts from business and representatives of financial and credit sector, who are graduates of our institute:

  1. Melnik Olena  – Accountant pivovarni PROBKA BREWERY (HIBS graduate specialty “Accounting and Auditing”).
  2. Pylypchak Maxim – Director of the Kharkiv branch “Taxi optymalnoye” (HIBS graduate specialty “Accounting and Auditing”).
  3. Kitajgorodskoj Alexander – Head of microcredit PJSC “Megabank” (HIBS graduate specialty “Accounting and Auditing”).
  4. Fadeev Denis A. – Director of “Ventus-plus.”
  5. Pylypenko Vyacheslav  – Deputy Managing -nachalnyk sector Corporate Business PJSC “subsidiary bank Sberbank of Russia” (Kharkiv branch number 5)

As a result, the winner was the team with research on “Diagnosis and evaluation of financial and economic activity of agricultural enterprises of” Norma “”, which received a diploma for participation, including: Makovetska NV, Kostyanyk VV Biryukov YU.O .

Interesting for junior students and invited students of Kharkiv technical schools and colleges (trade-economic, engineering, textiles and design, road) was not only received information about future profession, but also quiz the specialty “Accounting and audit”, which resulted in viewers competition received diplomas in such nominations as “active viewer” and “intellectual” and sweet prizes.