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Occupational Guidance Forum “Career guidance. Education. Future: The path that we choose “

Occupational Guidance Forum “Career guidance. Education. Future: The path that we choose “

April 22, 2016 on the basis of Kharkov research institute SHEE “Banking University” Kharkiv hosted career-oriented Forum “Career guidance. Education. Future: The path that we choose. ”

Kharkiv has become the second region in Ukraine, which granted the Forum. And not for nothing Kharkiv is the center of education and science – we always strive for innovative interesting events that are Kharkiv “yanam new knowledge and new opportunities.

This forum was very important, because it violated the extremely important issue: Business and challenges. School and guidance of the future. Self-awareness, self-development and motivation. High school – where they learn? How to choose? How to be ready to change paradigms of thinking to adapt to modern realities, overcoming future challenges and strategic vision of prospects? The world dictates a different approach, based on the fact that the knowledge and skills a person must possess in order to be popular and successful in the labor market through 5-10-20 years. And the approach to career guidance fundamentally changes and becomes more important. Modern man has radically acquire other knowledge, abilities, skills, competencies and vision to occur as a person and be successful. Therefore, the main objective of the Forum was to familiarize the participants with current trends and possibilities of career guidance; by understanding their goals, needs, values, and provide practical tips and advice on personal development and successful way of selecting professional practitioners.

The Forum practicing experts told participants how to understand themselves, their preferences and interests, how to choose “their” profession, how to be prepared for constant change, how to be competitive able young professionals helped to realize opportunities for development and shared their secrets, experience and successes.

The forum speakers were:
Natalia Chupryna – founder and head of Creative Center “Space of personality”, coach, coach, facilitator, consultant on the development of schools and teaching staff, co-author of “School education coaching” by programs of personal development and finding purpose with the theme “Everything begins with you “,” As a teacher and parents can help a child choose a profession of the future “presentation guide” How to choose a profession of the future “(by T. Sukhenko).

Victor Tyrkalo – NGO “League of Science” with the theme “Project Management as an innovative professional competence” (for valid reasons could not get to the Forum in person, but gave infu to work with children).

Alevtina Sedochenko – founder and director of the Center directed development “iDevelopment®”, certified specialist MBTI® Step I & Step II, by professional orientation course “iStart” with the theme “How to choose a profession for the 20/80 principle.”

Andrew Zynkevych – Ad.Wize project founder, effective marketing for entrepreneurs geography of clients includes 9 countries, 9 years of experience in sales and marketing for Kimberly Clark Corp. and Biosphere reviewer publishing business literature as useful Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, Alpina Pablysher , balance, business Books, author of More than 30 articles in various business publications Ukraine, certified specialist Inbound marketing.

Sergei Stepaniuc – a member of the City Council of Parents. Kharkov, entrepreneur, managing branch “Business youth” in Kharkov with the theme “How to solve the problem of career guidance not doing this problem.”

Tatiana Liulka – practitioners in the field of public relations, the ideologist of the national project “City of the trades”, chief editor of the magazine Business Community, founder Closed Business Club Community club with the theme “The main components of a successful individual.”

Faith Chudakov – National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Fellow of the Institute of Pedagogy NAPS Ukraine, scientific correspondent of the Institute of Psychology. GS Kostiuk NAPS Ukraine, psychologist, coach, trainer and master practitioner of NLP with the theme “Effective strategy formulation and achievement of strategic and tactical objectives.”

Tatiana Tikhomirov – PhD, senior lecturer in Chemical engineering and industrial ecology NTU “KPI” with the theme “How to choose a specialty or I will teach you bad for admission.”

Elena Berezovskaja – coach, business coach, head of the educational project “School Leadership” with the theme “Choosing a profession as their own professional and commercial project.”

Natasha Miroshnichenko – Business trainer, coach, facilitator, HR-consultant, author and host of career counseling project for teenagers “Find your calling” with the theme “The first steps in their careers.”

Svetlana Beletskaya – kand.ped.nauk, leading trainings and master – classes, author of many books on the topic of “5 Steps confidence.”

Lylyanna Semenyuta – Coach of copywriting “Station Kharkiv” business coach, and editor of “Happy” (Kharkiv) and the editors of Foreign Literature Publishing House “Factor” (Kharkiv) with the theme “Word game – the way to success ! “.

Daniela Puertas – psychologist, the candidate of psychological sciences, senior facilitator, teacher VN Karazin Kharkiv National University Karazin, the founder of “Five Peaks” with the theme “Understanding and overcoming obstacles to career choices.”

Olga Levytskaya – coach, trainer, lecturer, founder and teacher makeup artist school makeup and style L-Studio. With the theme “My career, my success: the path of excellence brand” (not able to be present for force majeure).

Natalie Sobchuk – Administrative and HR Director DOPOMOGA GROUP on “Generation Z: a nightmare for business or future?”.

Irina Pevnaya – Regional Director of “Eulayf groups,” project manager “Club of Successful Children” and Sergey Lutsenko – business coach, Regional Director of “Eulayf Group”, Head of the School of financial well-being, the founder of the youth club “Your first million” with the theme ” Problems first choice of job. ”

Lydia women – Partner Attorney Association “Leda right” with the theme “Career guidance in action: the pros and cons of the legal profession.”

In order to take advantage of all applicants were able to special offer – training on the basics of financial literacy: the use of credit cards by students of the University of banking.

Graphic support the Forum carried Irina Prikhodko – Business visualizer coach visual thinking. She made the forum more vibrant, rich and deep for reconsideration)). Through her work we managed to press all the attention, win the audience, providing it additional information and reinforce key points of our work.

All, without exception, who organized the Forum are sure that Forum II “Career guidance. Education. Future: The path that we choose “was very useful for all participants and contributed to making further Kharkiv was the center of educational and scientific life of Ukraine. SEE YOU!!!

Separately thank Marina Hosha – Chairman of the City Council in the parent. Kharkov – for organizing the Forum and support!