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Prospects for graduates


Prospects for graduates

The dramatic social and economic changes in the country determine the need for new economic cadres capable of continuous improvement, self-education, continuous professional development, motivated themselves, need for lifelong learning. It is this feature provides real inclusion specialist in professional activities, competitiveness of the modern labor market.
Placement students are constantly in sight of the institution.
Training in “Finance and Credit”, “Accounting and Auditing” area of expertise “Economics and Entrepreneurship” is to banking institutions, industrial enterprises and other sectors of the economy, budget organizations, audit departments, treasury, financial agencies, real estate agencies etc. for economist, accountant, auditor, expert auditor. According to the institute paid constant attention to the development, dissemination and deepening ties with the financial and credit institutions and enterprises in the region, providing cooperation in the case of forming qualified human resource capacity and allocation of graduates to work in accordance with the received training.
Institute concluded cooperation agreements, in particular the management of the National Bank of Ukraine in Kharkov region, JSC “Region-bank”, PJSC “REAL BANK”, PJSC “Megabank” banks “Grant”, “Ukrainian Bank for Development” Kharkiv regional administration AT “UkrSibbank” Kharkiv regional department of JSC “Oschadbank” Kharkiv regional Directorate of JSC “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, Kharkiv major regional administration PJSC CB “PrivatBank” Kharkiv regional administration of PJSC “Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia” Kharkiv regional Directorate of JSC “OTP Bank “Kharkiv Interregional Directorate of PJSC” Credit Agricole Bank “accounting firm” Finance and audit “SSPE” At call Kommunar “, etc. (the total number of contracts – almost 30).
Since the decisive criterion professionals often have professional experience, the Institute focuses on the formation, development and consolidation of practical skills and abilities during production and pre-diploma practice directly in enterprises, institutions and organizations in the region. As the production base and pre practices used by banks, enterprises and organizations of the city, region, region to ensure that the requirements of through programs of student practice. Students are able to choose the Institute database practices according to their professional interests, subject coursework, research, thesis work, possible employment, places of residence.
On the other hand, bases the practice of selecting trainees – potential employees is made based on the results of questionnaires, psychological and professional testing, interviews with students and practitioners heads of departments that require specialists. For example, in the current academic year, the selection of trainees carried out by specialists bases practices, including a branch of First Ukrainian International Bank in Kharkiv., Northeastern commercial macro PJSC “Ukrsotsbank” (Kharkov), Kharkiv regional administration General PJSC CB “PrivatBank” branch “Slobozhanskiy RU” JSC “Bank” Finance and credit “, PJSC” MEGABANK “, PJSC” Bank “SSPE” Kommunar “, PJSC” Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia “and so on.

Taking into account the complex factors in determining the place of production and pre-diploma practice provides maximum matching personal qualities, knowledge and skills, students’ interests specific requirements of base practices is the key to employment of graduates already during his studies at undergraduate.
Special attention is given to graduates who have the highest rating of success and the propensity to scientific and educational activities. Most of them the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute recommended the graduate school of the University of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine (m. Kyiv) and the Ukrainian Academy of Banking remain for teaching in the departments.
The Institute graduates through the club monitored professional achievements of former students, the corresponding database.
Institute graduates in the specialty “Banking” is widely known in the regional labor market, since the years of the institution issued over 38 thousand specialists. They work at the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Savings Bank of Ukraine, the State Export-Import Bank, JSC “UkrSibbank”, “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”, “Privatbank”, “Pravex-Bank” and “OTP Bank”, “Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia “in banking institutions in the region, including: PJSC” Megabank “, JSC” region-bank “, PJSC” REAL BANK “, JSC” BANK GOLDEN GATE “and so on positions that meet regulatory requirements, including heads of departments, sectors , heads of departments, leading economists, economists and managers. Among the graduates – managers of banking institutions, leading specialists of different directions.

Joining Institute for Regional labor market of the specialty “Finance” and “Accounting and Auditing” began in 2006 when the first issue carried professionals educational levels “Specialist”, “Master” respective specialties. Our graduates work at enterprises of different industries and different forms of ownership, insurance companies, banking institutions in positions that meet educational qualification characteristics – economist, manager, accountant, auditor, etc. In particular, the scope of professional realization of young professionals are – manufacturing and construction companies (SSPE “Kommunar” Kharkiv Car Repair Plant, JSC Zhilstroy-2), credit unions, banks (JSC “UkrSibbank”, PJSC “MEGABANK”, PJSC ” Delta bank “, etc.), the regional branch of the state property fund of Ukraine, the state tax inspection department of the state pension fund, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial and insurance companies, audit firms.