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Quality management system


Quality management system

Since 2008, the Kharkiv Institute of Banking of University of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine (m. Kyiv) started implementing the quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 and according to a conceptual model of innovative development of the University of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv) in 2010 successfully passed certification audit of quality management system ISO 9001 and received a certificate of international standard. The results of an independent audit had found high levels of scientific and methodological and information support of the educational process, quality training and employment of graduates, availability of scientific and teaching staff and appropriate material and technical base of the Institute, which meet European quality standards.

By implementing the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000, the Institute for a higher level decides:

  • policies and objectives of the Institute in the quality of education;
  • training of personnel in the field of quality management;
  • management documentation as required standard;
  • regular control and monitoring of the quality of education;
  • study the requirements of consumers of educational services and more.


State higher education institution

“Banking University”

the quality of educational services in 2016

The leadership of the university “University of Banking” responsibly declare that our work in quality aimed at:

educational activities in accordance with state policies and standards in higher education by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
constant study of market needs for expertise in disciplines “Management and Administration”, “Social and behavioral science”, “Information Technology”, “right”, “” Economics and Entrepreneurship “; specialties “Finance, Banking and Insurance”, “accounting and taxation”, “economy”, “right”, “Management”, “Computer Science and Information Technology”;

the enforcement branch of the state and order for training specialists with higher education and the promotion of employment and of high scientific qualifications;
providing innovative character of educational services, namely fundamental principles of education, its proactive nature and individualization of educational process;
ensuring the organic unity of educational content and achievements of modern economic science and advanced technologies and their use in the classroom, integrating university, academic and industry science;
deeper integration in the international scientific and educational space;
creating quality working conditions, professional development, education, recreation, cultural and spiritual development of the Institute;
acquisition of customers and business partners of impeccable reputation as a leading educational institution training specialists for the banking sector of Ukraine;
conservation status of the institution, which has government support, and promote the full development and effective use of the research capacity of the University;
research and development, which have a theoretical and practical value to address critical social and economic problems, the needs of the real economy and the financial and credit system in accordance with the priority areas of science and technology in Ukraine and abroad.
The implementation of the declared policy carried out by performing the following tasks:

systematic and continuous improvement of the management of the University;
University staff development;
conducting internal audit of the management of the University;
Analysis of the University in the field of quality and corrective actions.
The implementation of the declared policy ensured availability and efficient use of resources required, including:

organizational structure that provides all functions of the University;
the staff competent and engaged on a contractual basis specialists of other organizations;
clearly define and document the authority and responsibility of the University;
actualised fund laws and regulations in the field of education and science;
documented set of regulations, procedures and forms used in the provision of educational services;
premises and facilities (including classroom and housing, computers, office equipment, communications).
We always adhere to the established requirements and strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Based on this policy in a state institution of higher education “University of Banking” established quality objectives.