University of Banking - Kharkiv Institute

Pobedy avenue 55, Kharkiv, Ukraine

The department runs a training Bank (NTB), which is part of the training complex (STC), the club “Banker”, in which works “Intelbank”; scientific and methodical seminars and educational center in the Department of National Bank of Ukraine in Kharkiv region and JSC “Megabank”.

The Training Bank established in 1997, its organizational structure and equipment meet the standards of a real bank. Based on STL is virtual-commercial “Intelbank” created by members of the student club “Banker”. NTB is located in two rooms equipped personal workstations and modern computers; has adequate financial, methodological and software equipment – a special software banks are often alternatives such as software system ABS B2, interbank payment system «Enigma» and others. Opportunities provides interactive forms and methods of training – situational tasks, business games, case studies, which intensifies the learning process and ensures the achievement of learning goals during the workshops and training practices. STL is used in academic and extra-curricular work, conducted at the department, on its basis students are able to work out a model action specialist that promotes professionalism.

Student Club “Banker” operates at the Department of Banking since 2001.
Members of the club can be any student who supports the oath and the banker is willing to cooperate in it.

Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Intelbank” – a unique bank, modeled members of the club “banker” who are its shareholders and employees. Conventionally, “Intelbank” has legal status, balance, emblem, may enter into agreements, to be responsible for their responsibilities. The Bank is governed by laws of Ukraine, instructive documents of the National Bank of Ukraine and internal regulatory acts. “Intelbank” works closely with the training companies that are its clients. Contact them carried out both directly and via an electronic network. Within the scientific seminar reviewed scientific publications department, scientific research, current issues of financial and credit system of Ukraine, the recommendations for printing papers, abstracts, and heard reports of graduate students. In methodological seminar discussed amendments to legislation and regulatory framework for banking, approved the main directions of methodical work. Meeting with practitioners, scientists, discussion and debate on topical issues of banking enhance the quality of students’ practical training.